Global Partners

Korsa has a business agreement and technical cooperation with three major players in the international market, and because of this we are accredited to serve customers around the world, of the most varied sizes and activities. Korsa = international expertise + in-depth local market knowledge. Our international partners handle more than US$20 billion annually in insurance awards.

BB&T Insurance Service / McGriff, Seibels & Williams

Founded in 1922, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, BB&T Insurance Service is the world’s fifth largest insurance broker with a strong presence in the US. It is a subsidiary of Branch Banking and Trust Company (BB&T), one of the largest US banks. With 4,400 employees, BB&T annually handles a premium volume of over US$ 11 Billion. They are specialists and leaders in the insurance segment for the follow-up of energy, Oil and Gas. In 2004 they acquired McGriff, becoming the US leaders in insurance in the areas of energy, oil and naval.



Uniba is a worldwide network of insurance brokers that are matched to each other. Founded in 1987 in Germany, it is present in 120 countries. In Brazil, Korsa is associated with UNIBA and through our partners we are able to serve our clients in any country of the World, using international expertise.



Headquartered in Lisbon, it is among the 10 largest insurance brokers in Portugal. It is focused in insurance for the pulp and paper industry and operates in countries in the Middle East and Africa.