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Korsa started operations in 1994, specialized in risk management, benefits consulting and insurance brokerage.

Since the beginning, the company realized the potential of the market in regards of the segment of risks and special insurance, such as transportation, environmental risks, storage and cargo handling.

Through a differentiated methodology and strategy, Korsa meets the needs of its clients with innovative initiatives developed for each type of business. Therefore, it has become a reference in risk management and insurance of high complexity. More than protection and safety, Korsa offers customized solutions to its customers.

Korsa Seguros

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Provide customized solutions in insurance and risk management in order to minimize losses, protect assets and the image of their clients.
  • Guarantee the tranquility of customers in all their operations through integrated and innovative actions, which stand out for quality, dynamism and social responsibility.
  • To be recognized by customers and the market as a modern, entrepreneurial and excellent company in solutions and services in insurance and risk management. To be perceived as a reference in the management of differentiated and highly complex risks.
  • Ethics and confidentiality
  • Respect for life and customer’s protection
  • Competence and commitment to positive results
  • Pioneering and innovative solutions to the challenges
  • Independence

International presence

Korsa has a business agreement and technical cooperation with three major players in the international market, and because of this we are accredited to serve customers around the world, of the most varied sizes and activities. Korsa = international expertise + in-depth local market knowledge. Our international partners handle more than US$20 billion annually in insurance awards.

Through the partnership with UNIBA, we are present in more than 130 countries. Acess: https://www.uniba-partners.com/global-offices