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Benefits Program


Specialized in Insurance Consulting and Brokerage in several market areas:

  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Private Pension Insurance
  • Capitalization Insurance
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • STD
  • Funeral Assistance


Prestação de Serviços de profissionais especializados nas áreas de:

  • Risk Management
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Drugs Program
  • Psychological and nutritional advice
  • Home care
  • Chronicles Management
  • HR Services

Integrated Management

At KORSA, contract management is performed in an integrated manner, through a flowchart that aims to maximize your company’s HR time and to manage all the indexes that directly or indirectly impact the adjustments applied to the invoices.

  • Contract Analysis
  • Risk Subscription
  • Market Study
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring of Operations
  • HR Management
  • Welcome
  • Organizational Health Mapping
  • Emergency Plan
  • Health and Quality of Life Lectures


Don’t waste time with bureaucratic and tiresome insurance processes and dedicate yourself to performing the tasks of your business.

  • Monitoring and execution of Inclusion, Exclusion, Transfer and Reactivation Operations;
  • Monitoring and execution of Requests for Authorizations and Reimbursements;
  • Management with the Company's HR;
  • Monthly Information on the Evolution of the Claim/Award;
  • Unbureaucratic Regulation of Claims Processes.
  • Negotiation of Adjustments for Claims/VCMH.

BI Management

Increase your HR’s ability to plan your strategies more efficiently and make more accurate decisions in a short period of time.

Through our BI tools, your company’s HR manager will be able to access all management reports and statistical charts of health and dental insurance contracts in an expedited, practical and efficient manner.

Risk Management

Risk Management is the set of techniques and preventive measures adopted by organizations in order to minimize losses from the risks to which they are exposed.

In this context, Health Risk Management deals with measures that aim at minimizing financial losses resulting from the high adjustments applied on health plan invoices, due to the misuse of the benefit or the poor quality of life habits of your company’s employees.

This way, KORSA’s products and services were developed as tools for the perfect management of contracts, besides addressing the mass of employees and managing the risk groups, thus controlling the accident rate that is configured as the index of greatest impact in the adjustments applied annually.

Health Risk Management Program

This program has the purpose of providing, in a sustainable way, a better performance in OSH, following the guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems, published by the International Labor Organization, besides being distinguished as a practical tool to provide guidelines for the planning of actions that can adequately respond to the real needs of the assessed company, according to its size, the nature of its activities and the risks they offer.

Benefits Program:

  • Protection of employee safety and health through the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and incidents;
  • Compliance with the requirements of national legislation in force;
  • Ensuring that workers and their representatives are consulted and encouraged to participate actively in all elements of the OSH management system;
  • Continuous improvement of OSH management system performance.

Working Methodologies


This phase consists of an immersion in the corporate reality with a survey of work-related illnesses and accidents reported by the company, as well as absenteeism, turn over, productivity and total costs related to these factors. These data will serve as a comparative analysis of the data pointed out by the crew members in the research phase.


This phase consists of collecting data through two questionnaires, Individual Employee Health Assessment and Labor Organization Assessment, containing open and closed questions, with a quantitative and qualitative analysis approach. The survey data is collected through software accessed from any computer with Internet access, through a password and exclusive login available to all employees.


This phase is defined by the welcoming procedures performed by professionals in the Social Service area, which consists of directing and monitoring employees whose mapping results have demonstrated the need for their care by professionals in the medical, nutrition, psychology and other areas.

List of Items Assessed

Health Risk Management Program

All items assessed are presented in graphs containing comparative information provided by employees and in some cases comparing it percentually to the total answers provided.


We will present here suggestions on measures proposed by the KORSA team that should be established and maintained for preventive and corrective actions in the area of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), in order to establish an effective OSH management system.

Normally, the use of management tools that provide efficient management of the actions to be developed are suggested, as the actions themselves. All recommendations will be made based on the data presented by the Health Mapping presented herein, as well as the best practices of Quality Management. We do not intend to exhaust all the possibilities for appropriate action, and other measures can be explored from this report.

Work Support Items

Tabelas Referenciais

  • Weight Classification by BMI;
  • Abdominal Circumference and Risks of Metabolic Complications associated with Obesity;
  • Altered x Normal Health Tests and Combinations of AC and BMI measures to assess obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Relationship between the Health Risk Management Program and Corporate Excellence Programs:

  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Operation
  • Change Management
  • Acquisition of Goods and Services
  • Training, Awareness and Competence
  • Information Management
  • Communication
  • Accident and Incident Analysis and Non-Compliance Management
  • Continuous Improvement Process
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