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Insurance Consulting

Was your insurance done properly? Most of the time the customer has to answer this question always in the worst way: after the occurrence of a claim he discovers that his insurance is inappropriate, inefficient or uninsured. Korsa has a team of highly qualified specialists and offers its services of Risk and Insurance Consulting, which, in addition to reducing costs, consists of:

Identify and map the insurance hired by the client and its risks and seek the following answers:

  • Identify possible weaknesses in the current insurance program;
  • Propose improvements and advice, which includes creating new policy that correspond to your real needs;
  • Seek reduction of costs and deductibles;
  • Inform and use best practices in the National and International Market;

Claims Consulting

Badly hired insurance brings huge losses, especially when the insurer refuses compensation.

Korsa has a team of highly qualified specialists and with this we provide non-clients companies our Refused Claims Consulting, which consists of, in an administrative way, act in the process to review the insurer’s refusal.