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Electronic Payment Methods

The services offered here help your company in the management of its own and outsourced fleets using electronic means of payment technology with innovative solutions aimed at the road freight transport market.

Some data:

  • 99.3% of SLA;
  • More than 60 ERP/TMS integrated;
  • More than 1500 industries and carriers satisfied;
  • A reference company in innovation of means of payment ( certified by the 2019 National Innovation Award of CNI and Sebrae.

Value proposal:
Innovation: Fully flexible state-of-the-art technology;
Usability: Very easy to use with intuitive and user friendly interface;
Class service: Our clients count on excellent road haulage service with reliable information about their logistics operation.

Suite of solutions:
We offer a comprehensive solution for payment of freight, toll vouchers and travel expenses in a practical and secure manner.
Electronic payment of freight, fuel, card or TAG tolls, CT-e import, screening and documentation to settle the trip and generate CIOT;
Route management, tire and fuel consumption, fines and driver’s license, document management;

Digital account as a solution to control expenses, receipt and payment of freight and toll vouchers (Visa Cargo), transfers, complete statement and many other facilities to use on the road or in the company.

target-korsaOur service partner is Target, a company accredited by ANTT for the operation of freight payment and supply of mandatory Toll Valley, duly certified by ABNT ISO/NBR 27001, ABNT ISO/NBR 25030 standards.

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