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Risk Management

Marine Cargo

Korsa has a Department of Logistic Risk Management, and, through its own methodology, we analyze the Scenario and Level of exposure to Risks of the Customer, allowing the correct application of the Integrated Loss and Image Prevention System, with the main goal of mitigating / eliminating risks, making possible, among other things, visibility of cargo in transit and special insurance conditions.

The result will be a significant reduction of losses, cargo delivered on time and with safety, preservation of image and brand, increasing the confidence and competitiveness of our customers, also making it possible to reach amortized costs in their transportation insurance policies.

Phases of the process:

  • Analysis, elaboration, validation and implementation of the Risk Management Project;
  • Training;
  • Audit, maintenance, coordination and implementation of preventive and corrective measures of the Risk Management Plan.

The following risk management tools are available for Shippers, Carriers and Logistics Operators:

  • Analysis of Logistic Suppliers (pre-contracting);
  • 24h tracking;
  • Logistic Portal – Integrator System;
  • Pre-determined travel plan;
  • Contingency plan;
  • Ready answer;
  • Armored Escort Management;
  • Training in Risk Management;
  • Course Direction Segura;
  • Advanced Post;
  • Project Zero Accident;
  • Research and Intelligence;

Equity Risk Management - Loss Prevention & Fire Protection

Equity Risk Management is fundamental to the process of identifying, analyzing, developing responses and monitoring risks in an organization, in order to reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events and increase the likelihood and impact of positive events.

Through a highly qualified team, we advise our clients on the development of the Risk Management System by bringing dynamic and effective solutions to the challenges of safety design and life protection, based on the ethical principles of safety engineering and prevention.

Our programs and Risk Management are customized according to the needs and objectives of each client.

Our team is prepared to work in the following areas:

  • Audit and labor safety inspections;
  • Code Consulting NFPA and FM Global;
  • Development of contingency and emergency plan;
  • Insurance Advisory – Due diligence of the insurance program for projects and operations;
  • Inspection and technical expertise in fire-fighting systems;
  • Loss Prevention Advisory, both to meet Fire Department standards, as well as requirements of the Insurer;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Reports for subscription of equity risks;
  • System maintenance test;