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We aim to maximize HR's time and generate efficiency gains by dedicating a personalized service to beneficiaries, which brings high results in benefits management and their perception of added value.

We specialize in consulting and benefits management in key areas for companies:

We offer integrated solutions for the Benefits Program or in a tailor-made model, customizing solutions to meet the company’s needs.

Integrated Benefits Management:
Consulting, Contractual, Operational, Corporate Health and Risks & Costs;

Corporate Health Management (Health Care):
Health Committee, Health Screening (Health Mapping, Emotional Health, Health Tent), Health Programs in various lines of care (Pregnant Women, Chronic Diseases, Musculoskeletal, Absenteeism, Emotional Well-being, Executive Check-up, Vaccination Campaigns, Medications, among others), Health Prevention and Promotion Campaigns with thematic lectures and much more;

Risk & Cost Management (Risks):
Business Intelligence (BI), Predictive Utilization Analyses, Management Reports, Negotiations & Adjustments, Medical Billing Auditing, Utilization Management, Costs of Severe Cases & High Users;

Health Education:
Educational resources focused on best health practices: Health Newsletter, Fast Videos, Colorful Health according to the Ministry of Health calendar, Manuals, among others;

Customized Solutions:
if there is demand, we implement exclusive channels for the company, such as a dedicated call center for the company’s beneficiaries to clarify doubts about health plans, dental plans and life insurance, telemedicine, emotional health, nutritional health, EAP, among others.

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